Speaking of being inclusive, we don’t believe in inside jokes. Here are some things you’re gonna hear people talking about:

Short for “slap happy,” it’s our agency-wide meeting. “Slappy” is where we get fired up for the week by talking agency news, celebrating good work, and introducing new hires (you).
The rule is simple: fill out your timesheet by Monday 8am CST and you’re good.
Every 150 days, space150 rebrands itself. We don’t change who we are, we sharpen our focus to the changing world around us.
“Tomorrow Will Be Different,” so versions are a symbolic move that shows the world that we practice what we preach, and that we’ll never get too comfortable.
22 years.
49 versions and counting.
Version logos 1-22
Version logos 23-49

olympic special™

On that day, he set out on a mission to start his own business so he and everyone else could take his birthday off for a day of summer fun.
Now, on that day, the agency closes and throws a big party to celebrate his birthday and all our accomplishments that year.

When Billy (our founder and CEO) was 10, he took his birthday 7/24 off. His dad told him, “Birthdays aren’t freebies” and then fired him.

Blastoff™ &

We think every spacer is pretty special, you included.

All-agency emails or comms are called “Blastoffs.” Send at your own risk by hitting up [email protected]

For a location specific Blastoff, hit up:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Our intranet is my.space150.com (obviously). There you’ll find the agency directory, your weekly work allocations, our holiday schedule, the Hustler of the Season, and much more.

For a handy guide that’ll help you put a face to a name, hit up my.space150.com

Slack &
Slack Channels

If you haven’t heard, Slack is a popular business communications tool.

It serves a few different purposes at space150. Our projects typically have a dedicated Slack channel for quick discussion amongst team members.
On #Blastoff, messages can be sent to everyone at space150 instantly. Each office has its own blastoff channel, too. There are Slack channels for internal initiatives, like Diversity & Inclusion. There are even extracurricular Slack channels like #book-club.

Awesome, right?
That’s why Slack is worth $20 billion.


In your first few days at space150, a spaceGuide will be assigned to help you launch your time here successfully.

In the movie version of your life, this person would be a fairly important character who introduces you (and the audience) to your new cinematic universe.
Above all, he or she would be genial and helpful. That will also be the case here, in your real life. Your spaceGuide can point you to lunch spots, show you where the stapler is, or whatever you need.

Now what?

Go, do your thing. Try. Fail. Try again. Succeed. Learn. Grow. Push yourself.
Push those around you.

We will try our hardest to make your time here (we hope it’s a long time) the most fulfilling and fruitful of your career.
Make yourself at home. And if you think something needs to be done, improved, or changed, make it happen. If you’re not sure how, raise your hand. We’ll be glad you did.
Once again,
welcome to space150!

Let’s do this!